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  • Chia Seed and Honey Pudding

    This healthy pudding can be made ahead, and it can be enjoyed at anytime during the day. Packed with nutrients and delicious!   Ingredients: [ingre...
  • Strawberry, Raspberry or Blueberry Honey Ice Cream

    Delicious topping that can be modified in any way you choose for ice cream, desserts and cakes. Ingredients [ingredients] 2 teaspoons Arizona ...
  • Honey Pineapple Topping

    This sweet, tangy flavor gives a new taste to cottage cheese and makes a flavorful topping for ice cream. Ingredients [ingredients] 1 tablespo...
  • Honey Apple Topping

    A delicious topping that brings out the natural sweetness of ice cream, pound cake and shortcake. Ingredients [ingredients]   2 teaspoons So...
  • Grilled Peaches with Honey

    A healthy, delicious ending to any summer barbecue. Ingredients [ingredients] 4 peaches, halved and pitted 2 tablespoons clover honey 1 cup...
  • Gingered Yogurt Dip

    Fresh fruit never tasted so good! Ingredients [ingredients] 3 tsp Sonoran Clover Alfalfa Honey 1 cup Greek yogurt 1 teaspoon crystallized ginger,...
  • Honey Citrus Syrup

    Use this sweet syrup to sweeten tea or to glaze fruits. Ingredients [ingredients] ¼ cup Arizona Orange Blossom Honey [link to add] ¼ cup lem...
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amazing pollen
Thank you for the sweet review Asia! We are so glad you are loving our honey and had a great experience with us! Thank you for your support, come see us again soon!
Rango Honey worth the money! :)
Thank you so much for the lovely review Pamela! We are so glad you found us and are enjoying our honey! We absolutely love that you appreciate the quality of our products. Thank you so much for your support!