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K9 Honey is an all-natural functional treat and food topper for dogs. K9 Honey is naturally filled with vitamins and minerals, and we’ve gently blended it with bee pollen from nine geographic regions. Use K9 Honey as a tasty and nutritious treat or as a delicious food topper. Your dogs will swarm to this raw honey and you’ll be happy with health benefits they receive. 


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Jane Szabo
Dogs love the honey!

We transferred the honey to a squeezable bottle for easier application to their food but everything else is great!

Hi there! Thank you so much for leaving a review for K9 Honey. We're so glad to hear that your dogs are enjoying it! Thank you for the feedback and we hope your furry friends continue to enjoy our product. Have a paw-some day!

Virginia Brooks
Great product and great customer service

My 4 dogs just love the honey and it has truly helped them with skin allergies and digestive issues, especially my poor Westie who had very little hair. When the company changed websites, I had previously made an order which got lost in the process of the switch. So, I contacted the company and the profusely apologized and personally delivered my order to my house for free with additional jars. You can't find that type of customer service anywhere anymore. I also don't write many reviews, but wanted to review this company because they make a difference with their honey for dogs and support people with autism. The regular honey is also fantastic.
Oh! and for those that reviewed that it gets hard to open, you just need to rinse the lid and wipe the jar, it's honey after all so it gets sticky and becomes hard to open.
This product should only have 5 stars!!

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind review! We are thrilled to hear that our K9 Honey has been beneficial for your dogs' skin allergies and digestive issues. We are especially happy to hear that it has made a difference for your Westie.

We apologize for any inconvenience during our website switch, but we are glad to hear that our customer service team was able to make things right for you. We appreciate your support and are grateful to have customers like you who recognize and appreciate our efforts to make a positive impact on both dogs and individuals with autism.

Thank you for mentioning our regular honey as well - we are happy to hear that you enjoy it too. And thank you for the tip about rinsing the lid - we will be sure to share that with other customers who may have had trouble opening their jar.

Thank you again for your support and for being a part of the Rango Honey family. We truly appreciate it!

The Rango Honey Team

Nicole Corneil

I’ve been buying K9 honey for years now, have spent a lot of money with the company. Multiple times I have suggested a program for customers when they buy so many jars of honey they get a free jar. Offer returning and long standing customers incentive and a nice perk to continue and pass the product on to others.
It’s simple to do even on line!

Karen Wood
Dog (Jax) would not eat after smelling it. Not sure why...

Sorry. Not sure why he doesn't like it. Wish you had sample size so money and product isn't wasted.

Russell Oxman

K9 Honey