Bee Pollen



Bee pollen can be eaten just as you would eat any other food. Our favorite method of taking it is to mix a teaspoon into any of the raw, wild honeys we offer creating a perfect blend of sweetness each morning. You can also dilute it in warm water, hot tea or sprinkle on your breakfast cereal.

Here are our suggested ways to benefit from this superfood:

Adults: Take ½ teaspoon approximately 30 minutes before your first meal of the day. Increase intake by a few grains per day over the course of a week until you reach a full teaspoon 1-2 times per day (5-10 ml).  

Children: Begin with 2-3 grains each morning, increasing by a grain per day until reaching ½ teaspoon.


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    Rango Review

    My physical therapist referred me to Rango Honey for the health benefits. Besides the benefits of local bee pollen to help with my allergies, the trace minerals within the pollen help with my healing.

    We are so glad that our products have helped you in so many wonderful ways. Thank you for you review. We hope that our product will continue to help you heal along with all the positivity we send your way.

    Theia Jeko-Ross
    Excellent Product

    Exceeded our expectations & truly helped our allergies! Bee Pollen & Honey 🍯 together made such a difference this year while fighting allergies!!!

    That’s so great! Allergies seem to be going strong this year! We are more than happy to hear that the pollen is helping. Hope we can continue to keep you stocked to help you fight allergy season.

    Terry Hollinger
    Great product

    Great product and excellent customer service

    Thank you for your kind review! We appreciate your support!

    Michele Statile
    Absolutely Wonderful!!!

    We truly enjoy your products and your company!!!! Thank you

    Thank you for the review! All of us here at Rango are glad you enjoyed our product . Thank you for your support, we appreciate you!

    Not sneezing

    I usually sneeze my face off this time of year even though I am taking all the antihistamines, but I have not been sneezing since I started the Desert Bloom Bee Pollen. Amazing.