Orange Blossom


This light golden honey is one of the most aromatic we offer. Honeybees dine on nectar from the bright white blossoms of orange groves and other surrounding citrus blooms.

Our honey is 100% pure, raw honey, straight from the Sonoran desert.


Customer Reviews

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Calvin Deroche

All very good honey thanks

Love local AZ honey, especially Rango's Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom has a unique flavor compared to the other honeys (which I've tried) that specifically feels like a hug to me when I have some. I often have lemon water in the morning, with a tsp of Orange Blossom and I purchased a squeeze bottle in case I need to add a bit to a salad dressing to "cut" the bite of the citrus or vinegar. I could eat it straight out of the jar! And I've purchased as gifts for friends.

Kim! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. Putting orange blossom honey in a salad dressing sounds amazing. And we cannot thank you enough for sharing Rango Honey with your close ones . Thank you for your support, we appreciate you!

James Turner
Great products

Ordered Orange, Desert bloom and Mesquite... Excellent taste! I'll be ordering more soon... Worth every penny.

Linda Heironimus
Delicious Rango Honey

The Orange Blossom Rango Honey I ordered is delicious! I love it on my waffles!

Best honey there is!!!

I have tasted lots of honey since I use it everyday and Rango is the absolute best. I recently ordered 8 jars so I don't run out.

We are so happy that you are pleased with our honey so much so that you stocked up and ordered 8 Jars ! We cannot thank you enough for showing us so much support! Thank you !!!!