Clover Alfalfa


Our hardworking bees feast on nectar from the delicate violet flowers of alfalfa and soft white blooms of clover to bring you this incredible mild, yet naturally buttery honey.

Our honey is 100% pure, raw honey, straight from the Sonoran desert.


Customer Reviews

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Delectable Honey; Exceptional Customer Service

Clover Alfalfa, Mesquite honey are equally delectable; you’ll want to enjoy every drop.
Rango Honey extended kind, caring, polite, patient, and perfectly wonderful customer service to me. My honey gift to family made an unexpected USPS excursion and Rango Honey was there to save the day. My family is enjoying their honey today because of such exceptional customer service from the amazing employees/management at Rango Honey.👏🏼

Thank you for your kind words and for choosing our Clover Alfalfa and Mesquite honey. We are delighted to hear that you and your family are enjoying every drop. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, and we are happy that we were able to assist with your honey gift. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you again soon.


Love this honey been purchasing it for about 3 years. Love it so much delicious flavor.
Love their labeling how they still sell it in glass jars. Very good quality highly recommended. And I love what this company stands for helping people with autism and more.. Also forgot to mention super affordable worth the Hype.

Liz Moebius
Best Honey in Town!

Rango Honey is one of the best in town! I use it in my coffee and yogurt.

Emad Elashkar
Clover honey

I enjoy your honey all the time I tried them all. This the first time I get your clover honey it was a lot darker than any other clover honey I'm used to its the same as your desert blossom honey also it's crystallized too much not that it's bad I was hoping it wasn't. It's from this year honey

Lisa Darger
Alfalfa clover

It's delicious!!

Thank you for your review! We appreciate your support!