Two men are working in a factory while wearing white coats and hair nets. They are creating jars of honey on a factory belt.

We Offer Inclusive Job Training!

We aim to ensure that young adults on the spectrum feel included in everyday life. As a company, we have been dedicated to partnering with local school districts to integrate a job training program where students with special needs earn their school credits while learning real-world job skills.

Our Mission

To create a brand that is centered around love, support, and
inclusivity. We believe that every person regardless of disability, race, or gender
deserves respect and love. When we created this brand, we knew that we wanted to find
a way to give back to individuals on the spectrum. This is exactly why we partner with
Neshama, an assisted living home for adults with disabilities.

A Partnership As Sweet As Honey!

At Rango Honey, we believe every person should feel loved and included in this world. That is why we partnered with Neshama, a group home for adults with developmental disabilities, to foster inclusivity & independence. Neshama believes that all adults living with developmental disabilities benefit from a safe home setting, and at our core, we work to educate and support our individual members as well as their community.

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