Honeybees feast on the fragrant yellow Mesquite flowers, creating a light amber-colored creamy honey with a rich and slightly smoky flavor.

Our honey is 100% pure, raw honey, straight from the Sonoran desert.


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Simply amazing

This is the greatest honey I’ve ever tasted ! Keep up the good work and thank you !

Thank you for your kind review! We appreciate your support!

Is it raw???

The color and consistency match processed honey from who knows where, definitely not local raw honey as advertised. Super disappointed because I used to be a loyal customer until one day the product was completely different. Feel bad leaving a negative review but after a terrible experience they emailed me three times asking for my opinion. For people who need RAW honey for whatever reason go somewhere else!!!

Hi Rachel,
We are very sorry about your recent experience with our honey. All we can say is that it is raw, local honey from the hardworking bees across the Sonoran Desert.
Raw honey will not always have the same consistency as the previous batch. The darker the honey the more antioxidants it contains.
We do not add anything to our honey. Apologies on the excessive communication, we were trying to fix your issue.
We will be wishing you the best in your honey journey, and we hope you find what you are looking for.

Kristin Johnson

Was very surprised at how good this is.

Thank you for the 5-star review, we appreciate it!

Jocelyn Nevers
The gift bag, spool and jars of honey were perfect TY gifts!

Perfect gift to give on my vacation to my friends for hosting me. The extra touch of the gift bag and spool was awesome! Also, love the cause of autism awareness. The mesquite honey is really good! The store employee was super helpful, patient and she offered to bubble wrap for me. Will be back for more!

We are always so appreciative when we learn that our honey was gifted. What better way to spread the word on the mission we strive for and the word about our delicious honey. Thank you, Jocelyn! We are also glad to know you had a good experience in our shop and hope to see you soon !

Love it

A nice robust Mesquite honey I love it. I'm a native of Phoenix and have used local Mesquite honey to fight allergies for many years. This is really good honey and also towards a great benefit. My Husky can't live without the K9 honey now, she patiently waits every day for it. Lol

Thank you for your review! We can only imagine how adorable your pup must be waiting to get her yummy treat and would love to get a chance to see the cuteness . It would be awesome if you could share a photo and tag us on Instagram @rangohoney. We really appreciate you and your Pups support!