Chocolate Honey Smoothie Bowl

Chocolate Honey Smoothie Bowl

Chocolate Honey Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls have become a popular trend and they are super healthy! We have made ours more exciting, because we are using honey to sweeten it and chocolate for pleasure.




1 frozen banana

½ cup almond milk

2 tablespoons raw honey.

1-2 scoops chocolate protein.

1 cup ice.

Optional extras to garnish: chia seeds, blueberries, coconut flakes, banana slices, nuts, strawberries etc.




  1. Place all the above ingredients into a blender.
  2. You will need to stop the blender every 30-60 seconds to push the frozen ingredients around.
  3. Blend until you get a creamy texture and until there are no chunks of ice in the mixture.
  4. Pour the mixture into your serving bowl and garnish with fruits of your choice, chia seeds, banana slices, nuts, or coconut flakes.