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Rango Honey Product Review By Momzdailyscoops

Rango Honey Product Review


This review for Rango Honey will be in two parts.
Part one is the product review, Part two is their story in a video. Please watch the video so you to an admire this wonderful company. Their products are full of honey, and their hearts are filled with love.
I was very excited today, to get a huge bundle of honey products from Rango Honey, located in Tempe AZ. There is so much to say about this company, not just about their products, but what they do for adults with Autism.
From the Sonoran Desert, Rango offers a honey that is natural and high quality raw.
Rango is very passionate about their honey products, but most of all, the founders, who have a son with autism, decided to donate to the overall wellbeing of the autism population. Neshama, an independent living center for people with autism, was created out of this zeal. By funding Rango Honey, you are helping to establish job skills and independent living programs for individuals with autism.
A little history on the Sonoran Desert, is that it's home to over 2000 native species of flora. This is the most biodiverse ecosystems in North America. It has only two rainy seasons in a year. The flora in the area must dip deep in order to survive. The industrious bees work hard harmoniously with the desert to make raw honey. This honey turns out to be award winning in products. This is turns makes it very sought after by connoisseurs around the world. Today, Rango Honey's 2000 + hives offer Arizona's finest 100% pure raw honey and bee goods. Rango's, business and honey varieties expand, with their continued emphasis will be "From the Hive to Good and Happy!"
So with that being said, let's begin the journey into tasting these honey treasures. The review started Saturday April 4, 2020.
First off was breakfast, and with the bottle of orange blossom honey, it was a topping for our French toast. The honey had a sweet but mild fruity flavor. You also get the taste of the citrus, in the honey and mixed with butter on the French toast was a wonderful delight to start our day. Rango's orange blossom honey is 100 percent pure, raw, and has a very unique taste. The honey is golden in color, and has a velvet texture. I used the honey by warming it up a bit before pouring it on the French toast, but is just as good served cold. The honey is great for those who have allergies, due to its low pollen content. The honey would also be great in any recipe that calls for sugar.
To drink with breakfast, I made a cup of hot tea, with Rango's Pu'er tea. The jar has individual tea bags, and is a energizing ginseng tea. The hot tea, did not need any sugar or lemon added to it. All the flavor came from the tea itself. It is a organic tea that has a combo of ginseng root, orange peel, and fennel. A perfect blend of spice's for a perfect cup of tea.
After breakfast it was time to feed my dog, Toretto. For this Rango's included a product called K9 honey, that you can put on top of your dog's food. Before I put it on his food I gave him a taste on a spoon, and it was a hit. Then I took a tiny spoonful and put it over top of his dry dog food. Again there was no problem, he ate it all up. The K9 honey is a natural functioning treat, and food topper for dogs. It was naturally packed with vitamins and minerals, and is softly mixed with bee pollen from nine geographical regions. Use K9 Honey as a delicious and healthy snack or as a flavorful topper. Your pets will love this product,  with that has organic sugar, and you'll be pleased with the safety benefits they get.
Later in the after noon, The clover honey alfalfa was used. I baked some salmon and when it was done glazed the top with the honey. The clover alfalfa honey is delectably mild, with a butter taste. The color of this honey is a light amber, and I must say perfect for the baked fish. You get the mild taste of clover as well, but not over powering. It has a very delicate taste, not as sweet as most honey. This honey would be great in homemade vinaigrettes, and other sauce's as well. The honey also has many health benefits, as all honey does. The clover alfalfa honey also had a nice aroma when the jar was opened.
Now that is time for dinner, I decided to make fried chicken and biscuits. After baking the chicken I covered it with the mesquite honey. This is another of Rango's honey products that start with the bees and the mesquite trees, of the Sonoran desert. These trees are rich in a smoky flavor. The color of the honey is yellowish amber. It was perfect on the roasted chicken, giving it a lightly floral and pleasantly earthy smoky flavor. This would also be great to spread on grain breads, and other meats as a glaze. I must say, the chicken was very delicious, and gone fast.
The biscuits that I made I used the orange blossom honey on top, after warming it up a bit. These went great with the chicken and complimented the dinner well.
To end the night I made, soparilla with cheese, and on top drizzled them with the desert bloom honey. Now this honey had a very unique taste. You get the hint of mesquite wood, but nothing overpowering. I tasted more of the wildflowers than anything. So it made a great topping for the dessert. This honey would taste great also on a fruit salad. The deep amber color comes naturally designed, and makes a great accompaniment to any recipe.
Now for Sunday breakfast, I made waffles. And on top sprinkled a bit of the bee pollen from Rango. Beenpollen is known as a super food. It offers you a wide array of benefits, that are all natural. Ingesting bee pollen helps the body, in resistance against potential allergens. The bee pollen can be sprinkled also over cereal, yogurt, and even added to a smoothie. The taste of the bee pollen was of flowers, slightly sweet. And it complimented the waffles very well. You can use bee pollen every day if you wish, for its many health benefits.
Also on the side I made some toasted baguette's and sliced thin the honey comb that was included for me to review. The comb can also be eaten like chewing gum. However it spread very nicely over the bagel. This melted would be great to. It was delicious, and is very healthy for you.
Rango also offer gift packs, of their honey. They come in three flavors, and are great for the honey lover you know.
If you want to know more about this company. Please visit their website. 

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