K9 Honey

K9 Honey is an all-natural functional treat and food topper for dogs. K9 Honey is naturally filled with vitamins and minerals, and we've gently blended it with bee pollen from nine geographic regions. Use K9 Honey as a tasty and nutritious treat or as a delicious food topper. Your dogs will swarm to this raw honey and you’ll be happy with health benefits they receive.

Benefits of Honey for Dogs

Health benefits of raw honey for a human are the same health benefits for your dog.
-We have an innovative blend of pollen from 9 different regions from across the USA to cover a portfolio allergens they come in and out of our environments
-Calms your dog's digestive system
-Natural Energy boosts (perfect older dogs)
-Decreases symptoms of Kennel Cough
-Improves their immune system
-Reduce sensitivities to environmental allergens

Pollen from 9 regions

What sets our honey apart from others is our innovative blend of pollen from 9 different regions across the United States.

K9 Honey for Dog Allergies

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