About the Arizona State Fair

About the Arizona State Fair

About the Arizona State Fair

Rango Honey- Locally Harvested Award Winning Honey

Gourmet Specialty Rango Honey Awarded “1st Place” in Statewide Honey Competition; Expands Warehouse and Retail Sales

PHOENIX, AZ – (February 1, 2017) Rango Honey is proud to announce their blue ribbon win for “Best Honey” from the Arizona State Fair. Entrants were judged on best appearance, flavor and texture in the Plant, Herbs & Florals category of the Floriculture & Horticulture Department. Rango Honey took first place at this statewide competition.

“We’re thrilled to have won this statewide award,” said Fred George, Beekeeper at Rango Honey. “We started out as a small, family-run operation seeking only pure and natural food options for the special needs son of the company owner, and have since grown to become one of the most trusted suppliers of pure, raw honey in Arizona.”

Since opening their doors in 2015, Rango Honey has shown steady growth in their mission to provide pure, raw honey to customers throughout the nation. With over 1,500 hives in the Southwest, their award-winning gourmet honey varietals continue to expand.

Rango Honey recently expanded their operations by adding a new retail space and bottling capabilities to their 10,000-square foot warehouse. The expansion will accommodate increased demand and allow for processing new speciality varietals and honey products. They have plans in place to offer tours of their facility by year-end in an effort to educate consumers and retailers about the many health benefits of raw honey.

“Our goal has always been to provide the purest of honey to customers,” said Joe Harwell, Executive at Rango Honey. “Our raw, unfiltered honey is harvested directly from hives in the Sonoran Desert, one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world and home to over 2,000 species of flora.”

Their award-winning varietals include Mesquite, Desert Bloom, Orange Blossom and Clover-Alfalfa.

For more information or to order Rango Honey, visit www.RangoHoney.com. Follow them at

https://www.facebook.com/RangoHoney and on Twitter at @RangoHoney.

About Rango Honey

Founded in 2015, Rango Honey is a family-owned and operated company specializing in pure honey from the Sonoran desert. Today, Rango Honey harvests raw honey and bee pollen from over 1,500 private hives located throughout Arizona. Home to over 2,000 native species of flora and only two rainy seasons, the Sonoran desert is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in North America resulting in pure gourmet honey craved by honey aficionados around the world.

About the Arizona State Fair

The Arizona State Fair has a long history in the state, with the first Arizona Territorial Fair held in 1884. In 130 years, the state fair has continued to grow and expand, featuring entertainers that include Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. Nearly twenty percent of Arizona’s diverse population attends the fair each year.

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