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Orange Blossom Honey Puer Tea-Rango Honey and Tea

Orange Blossom Honey Puer Tea-Rango Honey and Tea

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Our Sonoran Orange Blossom honey naturally features a hint of citrus, reminiscent of long summer days and fragrant citrus groves.  Paired with our Pu'er organic tea it adds a new dimension to the tea's combination of energizing ginseng root, orange peel and fennel.  Zero additives and 100% natural.

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Honey taste delicious! Must try and buy

Honey taste delicious! It’s smooth and sweet with a citrus sweet smell. I add it to smoothies, teas, and oatmeal. Love what the company does for the community for special needs, the commitment they have to providing great pure tasting honey.


Orange Blossom Honey Puer Tea-Rango Honey and Tea

Thank you for the 5-star review Ellen! We appreciate your support!

Future Gift

I purchased the set intending to give it to my mother-in-law (unless I change my mind and keep it for myself, you never know). I know she will like it as Rango Honey is hard to beat, especially the orange blossom!

Thank you for the wonderful review Andrea! We are so glad you are a fan of our honey and sharing it with friends and family! We love to hear that and we appreciate your support. Thank You!

Perfect gift!

This set makes the perfect gift for any occasion!

Thank you for the review Kate! We couldn't agree more, it makes such a wonderful gift for anyone! Thank you for your support, come see us again soon.

Great gift idea!

I got the combination of tea and honey for my mom for mother’s day, and she loved it! Not only did she love the tea, but more than anything she loved the caue behind it. It’s great to feel good about a gift on two levels :)

Thank you for the lovely review Kari! That's so wonderful you were able to give as a gift on Mother's Day! We are so glad she loved it. Thank you so much for your support, we appreciate it!

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pollen perfect

Delicious Pollen! Also good with my home made chocolate!

Best honey I've ever tasted!

Tried the Desert Bloom on the advice of a naturalist after moving to the New Mexico desert and developing allergies. Am now addicted to it for the flavor and use it on Everything. Best Honey Ever!

100% Pure Raw Honey - Sonoran Orange Blossom

Allergies relief

K9 honey worked so well in controlling my dog’s runny nose, I suggested it to my sister for her dog. My sister was able to replace her dog’s medication and instead control her dog’s allergies by using your honey. So happy we found your product!

Best hot sauce

Incredible taste. Fast shipping. So glad I discovered it