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K9 Honey is an all-natural functional treat and food topper for dogs. K9 Honey is naturally filled with vitamins and minerals, and we've gently blended it with bee pollen from nine geographic regions. Use K9 Honey as a tasty and nutritious treat or as a delicious food topper. Your dogs will swarm to this raw honey and you’ll be happy with health benefits they receive.

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Kira Kawakami
Going in for a 2nd round!

2nd time buying. I am a believer! My lil guy has been doing better. Maybe its the honey or a little of everything, but he loves it as a treat! I do agree that the lid does get sticky and hard to open. I have to run it under hot water to get the lid off. Regarless, I will continue to buy! Thanks!!

Yummy, but messy!

Our dog really loves the K9 honey so far. We have been putting a little over her food. But please consider a different type of packaging. It is very difficult to get honey out without making a sticky mess every time. Some type of squeeze bottle would make it SO much easier/cleaner. We haven’t been using it long enough to notice any health benefits for our dog yet, but depending on our continued frustration level with the jar, we may/may not decide to purchase again.

Thank you for the review Angela! We are so glad to hear your pup is loving the honey so far. We're so sorry to hear it's too messy, we like your squeeze bottle idea though! We definitely will consider getting packaging that will allow for a less messy situation. Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it. We hope your pup will eventually reap the health benefits from it. We hope to see you again soon, thank you!

K9 Honey

My dog like the honey but it made its allergies worse

Thank you for the review Cal! We are so sorry to hear the K9 honey made your pups' allergies worse. It all depends on how sensitive they are to certain foods and unfortunately just doesn't work out sometimes. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to and we will assist as best we can. Thank you for trying out our product, we appreciate you!

David F.
Time will tell.

I have an itchy German Shepherd so I started him on this honey last month. Going to give it a few months before I decide if it helps or not. The one thing I can say right now is he loves this honey! It's definitely a treat for him!

Thank you for the great review David! We're so glad the pup is a fan and we really hope it helps his allergies! Please keep us updated, and thank you for your supprt!

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Each honey has its own flavor profile to enjoy, but it is not even in the same class as what you'll find at the grocery store or farmer's market--pick this liquid gold up and try it today!! You'll see why I keep coming back to it!!!

Rango Orange and Mesquite

We love Rango honey, I was especially happy to see they now come in a squeeze bottle making it so convenient. We love it in tea, in smoothies, and especially on warm corn bread!

Honey Honey🐝🍯

Excellent service and the best honey! Love the orange and desert bloom. Also love the plastic squeeze bottles.

100% All Natural Sonoran Honey Varietal Pack

Container arrived leaking

I love honey, but I do not know how this arrived leaking. 😪